How Much Does it Cost to Repair my Transmission?

As a driver, there are loads of things you certainly do not want to hear from your automotive mechanic. Without a shadow of doubt, one of them has to be problems with your automobile’s transmission. This is in the backdrop of the fact that a transmission is a complex mechanical device that is essential in taking power from the engine and applying it to the wheel via the drive-shaft. Now imagine a scenario where your automobile’s transmission is not working properly! Knowing very well that a transmission plays a significant role in your car’s ability to operate, do keep in mind that its repair or replacement for that matter is likely to come with a high price tag.

The Cost of Repairing a Transmission Leak

Transmission leak is one of the most common maintenance problems experienced in cars. Transmission, either manual or automatic, is always sealed and any leak is indicative of a problem, thereby calling for the need of a repair. Some common causes of transmission leaks may include; fluid seepage, an axle seal leak or a breach in the pan gasket. Knowing very well that transmission fluid is commonly bright red, dark red or brown as it gets old, it is advisable to have your transmission checked by a qualified mechanic should you notice fluid under your automobile. Such kind of a repair will generally cost you between $150 to $200 depending on various variables such as the model of the vehicle, the type of transmission (automatic transmission is typically more expensive), the extent of leakage and your location.

The Cost of Repairing Solenoid Problems

Transmission solenoids are essential in controlling the flow of fluid in and around the transmission. These solenoids operate through a voltage that is controlled by the transmission’s computerized system. Considering that solenoids are labor-intensive, it is always advisable to replace the entire pair when you start noticing trouble in shifting or when there is over-shifting. In most cases, the cost of replacing solenoids ranges from $300 to $850 depending on the number of solenoids replaced. Nevertheless, be advised that replacing the entire solenoid unit is a good idea as they are the same age and cover the same mileage.

Cost of a Transmission Flush

One of the main indications that your car may require a transmission flush revolves around gears that are slipping, as well as problems in shifting gears. An average cost of transmission flush is $100 and should be done after every 25000 to 60000 miles. On the same note, you should always consider transmission flush before rebuilding or replacing the transmission, which will definitely cost much more.

The Cost of Replacing or Rebuilding Your Car’s Transmission

Various failures in the components of your car’s transmission can severely lead to a completely damaged transmission. This will definitely call for the need to replace or rebuild the transmission. In most cases the costs of replacing the entire transmission will cost between $3300 to $3800 depending on the type of the transmission and the model of the car. Again, the average cost of rebuilding a car’s transmission will cost you around $2800.

Even though most professional and qualified mechanics are honest, some may be tempted to price gouge. It is therefore, advisable to get various transmission repair quotes from more than one mechanic.

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