A transmission is a device that is connected to the rear side of the engine, the device works by relaying power from the engine to the drive wheels of the automobile. The transmission is used to reduce the number of revolutions of the crankshaft to a reasonable value by utilizing interlocking gears. It keeps the car’s engine operating at an appropriate speed while making more use of the engine torque. There are several types of auto transmission these include automatic transmission, manual transmission, continuous variable transmission, tip tronic gearbox, semi-automatic transmission and direct shift gearbox.

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Manual transmission

Most standard transmissions will feature a clutch and movable gear selector, the driver of the automobile will have to select and engage the gear ratios. On the other hand, the clutch is used to separate the transmission and the engine, without this, the engine would stop, and so does the vehicle. Changing of the gears without the use of the clutch is difficult because the crank is continuously spinning when the engine is running.

Automatic transmission

An automatic car transmission as the name suggests changes gears automatically without the driver engaging the gear, the more gears the transmission has the smoother the acceleration of the automobile. The automobile, usually has six functional gear locations, the P or park is a mode where the car locks the transmission and restricts the vehicle from moving. It is recommended that drivers use brakes to keep the car still rather than the continued use of the park gear, continuous use of this gear will damage the transmission. The R or reverse function puts the car into the reverse gear and allows the car to drive backwards, it is important that you ensure that the vehicle is at a complete stop before engaging this gear. N or neutral disconnects the transmission from the wheel, however it is recommended that you frequently use this gear when waiting at a light or in traffic, this will help to reduce the wear and tear on the clutch plates and the valves. The D or drive function allows the automobile to drive within the range of gears, the 1 and 2 gears restricts the transmission to those specific gears.

Overdrive is the highest gear in an automatic transmission; it allows the engine to work at a reduced or lower revolution per minute, especially when the vehicle is cruising at high speeds. Moreover, overdrive reduces fuel consumption and engine wear.

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Continuous variable transmission                                           

Continuous variable transmission or CVT as it is popularly known gives the driver an option for better fuel economy, more power to the automobile and smoother driving experience when compared to a traditional automatic transmission. CVT allows the engine to peak torque and maintains it over a wide range through variation of transmission. Unlike the conventional transmission where the ratio is changed by shifting gears, the CVT allows numerous engine speeds to vehicle speed ratio. The limitless number of gear ratios gives the vehicle a smooth ride because there is no nudges during shifting of gears. Moreover, this kind of transmission allows the vehicle to utilize fuel efficiently and as a result use less gas. The acceleration of the automobile is increased in this kind of transmission unlike the automatic transmission where flooring the accelerator brings a rapid burst of power, the CVT will increase the power smoothly achieving a higher speed without causing a nudge.

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