What are The Different Types of Transmission Services?

In most cases, it is crucial to choose the right type of transmission when buying a car. Generally, there are two types of transmission, which are, automatic transmission and manual transmission. Advancement in technology has also led to the introduction of electric vehicles, which have specialized transmissions. With that aside, any vehicle owner should be well aware that proper use, service and maintenance of a transmission, is one of the most crucial things to do in order to ensure that the vehicle will continue to work properly. In this regard, carrying out frequent car transmission service is important towards achieving this goal. Traditionally speaking, there are different types of reliable transmission services that are essential for any type of vehicle. There is the popularly known pan and filter service, the total transmission fluid exchange, as well as reseal services and clutch services, which is best for manual transmissions.

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Pan and Filter Transmission Service

This type of transmission service involves the removal of pan bolts on two sides. The other bolt on the lower side is slightly loosened for the contaminated, cooked and ground up fluid to be drained. Another way of draining the already used fluid from your automobile involves the use of a fluid extractor using a dipstick tube.

When draining the contaminated fluid, it is required that all the bolts are loosened to give way for the drainage of the contaminated fluid. The pan should be tilted to ensure that the fluid is fully drained. This should be followed by pushing the pan straight back to the transmission while ensuring that the pan is in an entirely leveled fashion.

On the same note, you should not forget to remove the old filter assembly and replace it with a new one. There should also be the inspection of the pan for any problem that may revolve around clutch fragments and excessive metals. The excessive metal on the magnetic pan should be removed. Keeping in mind that most auto transmissions are structured with reusable gaskets, it is also vital to inspect the gasket and wipe it dry. Make sure that you fill the designated fill ports with the required quantity of fluid, after having ensured that all the bolts are appropriately tightened and there is no existence of any leakage.

Total Transmission Fluid Exchange

Another type of transmission service is the total transmission fluid exchange. With some people calling it a flush, it is a kind of service that involves the transmission and automatically pumping out the fluid and then using a highly technological machine to refill the same amount of fluid that has been flushed out. The machine should be filled as directed with an extra two quarts of fluid added.

Considering that it involves the use of an automatic machine, this type of transmission service is easy and may be done on a completely warmed up transmission. This is enabled by the availability of a thermostatically controlled transmission cooler line. Similarly, this type of transmission service is advantageous in the sense that the use of flush system will ensure that all the old fluids are completely removed, thereby ensuring that the fluid remains clean and efficient. It is also faster and depending on the service center, the price of the filter and pan service can also be cheaper. Unfortunately, it does not involve the removal of the old filter, as well as metal debris on the pan.

Reseal Services and Clutch Services for Manual Transmissions

After a thorough external diagnosis, especially on manual transmissions, certified automotive repair technicians should not forget to provide reseal and clutch services for manual transmissions. A reseal service is perfectly structured towards ensuring that there are no problems revolving around your vehicle not having the ability to retain its transmission fluid. This is done by ensuring that any possible fluid leakage point is professional resealed, thereby preventing unwanted fluid drainage or improper fluid consumption.

In terms of clutch services for manual transmissions, there is the need to have an extensive diagnostic service that is essential in showing whether your vehicle’s clutch has a problem or not. In case of any clutch problems, an external adjustment may be the recommended option. If this is not effective in correcting the problem, then your clutch may require a repair or replacement of the problematic clutch component such as clutch cable or clutch plate.

When it comes to carrying out any type of transmission service, it is vital to use the right kind of fluid that is recommended by the automobile manufacturer. Keep in mind that using the wrong type of fluid will lead to a complete destruction of the transmission. Again, you should be psychologically prepared should there be the need to replace any problematic clutch component.

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