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Let’s face it. How useful is your car if it gets stuck in first gear every time? I’m sure you will agree it’s not very useful. Major car transmission problems could leave you stranded on the road with no way to get around to make your daily commute such as getting to work.

Fortunately, we are here to solve the problem for Miami-Dade County residents. So whether you own a vehicle that automobile transmissionhas a manual transmission or automatic transmission, our technicians have the skills to troubleshoot both internal and external problems. Our meticulous approach to diagnostics allows us to spot the source of performance issues in almost all foreign and domestic models and makes.

Routine maintenance is the best way to minimize serious breakdowns and the high repair costs that are associated with vehicle repair. We take pride in offering a professional transmission repair service at a competitive price, with professional diagnostic checks and a quality guarantee on all our services so you can have confidence with knowing that you will have an expert fixing your transmission.

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Transmission problems can be destructive to your vehicle and at times (these problems) can be hard to detect. Even the most noticeable symptoms may leave more questions than answers until a proper diagnostic check-up is conducted. By identifying the source of the problem, your vehicle will perform well and you can save your money.

Our skilled technicians can navigate around some of the most complicated transmission issues that may come up with your automobile.

We can replace new transmissions, used transmission or rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions on our premises with the help of experienced transmission personnel. For this reason, we are able to guarantee the best quality of every service.

Moreover, we back the services of our auto transmission repair shops with a certified transmission warranty and guarantee that when we fix something, we always fix it the right way – the first time, by using the highest quality transmission parts on rebuilt transmissions and the expertise of our highly skilled transmission mechanics who perform the rebuilding transmission process and the installation.

Our transmission repair center has a menu of automotive transmission services to suit different needs including (but not limited to) the following:

Automatic Transmission Repair

This further includes services like:

  • Diagnostic checks
  • Sensor replacement
  • Full rebuilds
  • Torque convertor replacement
  • Valve body repair/ replacement.

Standard Transmission Repair Call Today transmission diagnostic

This category of manual transmission repair shop services comprises of the following:

  • Diagnostic checks
  • Full rebuilds
  • Fly wheeling machining and replacements
  • Clutch disc replacements
  • Pressure plate replacements
  • Throw-out bearing replacements
  • Master/slave cylinder replacement among others.

Our Transmission Shop Offers Other Transmission Services

We also offer transmission fluid change, which includes:

  • Oil and filter replacement
  • Cooler flush/repair
  • Axle assembly
  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Shaft kit installation
  • Rack and pinion replacement
  • Transmission slipping fix
  • Performance transmission
  • Transmission clutch repair
  • Hybrid transmission service among others.

At our premises, “Service” is not just a word, it is a tradition. For many years we have provided honest, professional expert transmission maintenance and repairs to drivers in Miami Florida. We understand that every client has their own set of unique needs and that each transmission is a unique system. Each driver operates his or her vehicle differently, and though the transmission system can be identical, the causes of the problems may vary.

On a regular basis, we work on an expansive variety of foreign-made and domestic-made cars, vans, trucks and motor homes. This gives us the experience and the ability to familiarize ourselves with different transmission problems and characteristics. We know pretty well that there is no one size fits all answer or solution, and so our experts rely on facts and research in order to correctly analyze and solve each problem.

We work on most car and truck models and also rebuild transmissions for the following:












ToyotaRemanufactured Transmission







Lincoln – and more!

Benefits of Working with Us:

Highly Trained and Competent Staff

We have a highly experienced staff members who are reconditioned transmission specialists that takes pride in each and every vehicle they work on. This is a team that is highly motivated and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exemplary automatic transmission rebuild and replacement services.

We Use the Latest Technology

We use the latest computer diagnostic technology available to ensure your vehicle is diagnosed quickly and accurately. Thanks to our high-tech system we are able to deliver the kind of repair that is needed to solve your concern 99.99% of the time. We do not guess work. We don’t gamble with transmission problems and neither do we take shortcuts. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of the problem is our mantra.

We Have Large Premises

Our premises are quite large. In fact, we are able to cater to a multitude of vehicles at a go. Clients with trucks and vans feature highly on the list of our frequent customers.

We’re The Affordable Transmission Choice

We understand that some transmission repair services can be expensive and you may be looking online or around town for a cheap transmission repair company near you, but you need to be careful, because sometimes you do get what you pay for and in the case to automobile transmission repair, you don’t want to be a in a situation where you are penny wise and pound foolish. And as such, it is important to visit a car or truck transmission repair shop that offers you a fair price on auto transmission repair cost. At our local automatic transmission repair shops, we recognize that your vehicle was (and still is) a major investment. We know pretty well that you are looking for the best services at the most reasonable prices when it comes to transmission replacement costs. Our pricing strategy is very straight forward – no hidden transmission rebuild costs or commissions. We charge for exactly the service you deserve. Moreover, we offer coupons, discounts and gift vouchers from time to time, this way we can offer you an affordable transmission repair cost for repairing your transmission.

Fast and Effective Service

Time is a resource that should always be spent wisely. And at our company, we know that you have a busy schedule. transmission serviceFor this reason, we have designed our service in such a way that the client spends the least time possible on the waiting list. We hate queues as well and our technicians are trained to work super-fast, effectively and accurately. We have been able to live up to this commitment by investing in the latest technology and a highly motivated team.

The Customer is King

We treat each customer with honesty and respect. Our key priority is to provide you with top rated transmission service at great prices and to exceed your expectations. No matter how tiny or big your problem is, we work with precision and diligence until the job gets done right.

We provide you with personalized attention in order to form a comprehensive understanding of what the problem is. We take a keen approach to repairing different transmission problems in a timely fashion.

We are here to help from beginning to end. And since our network is wide, we’ve got you covered wherever you are. Our commitment to customer service and speedy delivery of repair services makes us the ultimate leader in this industry, which has helped us to earn numerous satisfactory transmission repair shop reviews from our customers.

So before you spend another dime on transmission repair in Miami, Florida, give us a call and get a reliable transmission repair estimate and an expert opinion. That call could save you a couple hundred of dollars in unnecessary transmission auto repairs.




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