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Your car is a very valuable asset and you should not allow accidents or collisions to slow you down. We are here to help you get your car back on the road as quickly as possible, without having to sacrifice quality work, thanks to the fact that we are a leading auto body repair company, we are well-versed at virtually all types of collision repairs. Certainly, you may have come  across other firms offering similar auto collision repair services as us. And that is why you may be tempted to ask the main reason as to why you should choose us over the competition. Below are some of the reasons as to why we stand out of the crowd as the best local paint and body shop.

Quality Auto Body Repair

Ever since we assumed operations, we have repaired thousands of vehicles. We work on both domestic cars and foreign cars as well. With the best technology along with certified mechanics, we are capable of delivering top notch customer satisfaction and high-quality automobile collision repairs. Our quick turnaround times ensure that our customers’ cars and trucks can get back on the road within the shortest time possible. Our technicians are well trained to deal with every type of collision, regardless of when it is a major collision or a minor collision. We also offer:

Auto Body Shop


  • Rust repairs
  • Towing services
  • Upholstery repairs
  • Mobile Repair Services for minor collision repairs

So no matter what your paint or body shop needs are, we have them covered.

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You can trust your car body shop repair with us and rest assured that we are responsible for our work, thanks to the fact that we offer a warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. Once we repair or restore your automobile, it will be covered by a warranty on both parts and labor.

Customer satisfaction 

Body And Paint Shop

Paint And Body Shop

Truck Body Repair

Auto Collision Repair

Whenever you call us, we are always there to guide you through the tedious process of auto collision repair. We provide detailed free estimates and detailed explanations of the auto body repair process. We will work closely with you and your auto insurance company in order to keep you updated on the collision repair process. This means that we will keep in touch with you throughout the entire car bodywork process in order to inform you about when you should expect the car restoration to be completed.

We work with virtually all insurance companies 

If there is something that is quite daunting is coordinating your auto body repair between your local car collision center and your auto insurance company. That is why our assistance comes in handy; since we act as an intermediary between our clients and their auto insurance companies. We have a team of insurance professionals who maintain relationships with reputable auto insurance companies across the US. This therefore means that we are the ideal car collision repair shop experts who will save you time during the collision repair process.  Our services include:

Auto Collision repair 

We offer high-quality repairs in the auto body sector. Our auto repair shops offer a clean and inviting environment and we also use state-of –the art-frame and uni-body repair equipment. We also offer towing assistance, mobile repairs so we come to you and vehicle delivery services.

Interior And Leather Repair And Dye car interior repair

Is the interior of your car or truck falling apart?  Are there holes in your seats? Is the dashboard cracking?  These are just some of the many problems that vehicle owners can experience over time and we are here to tell you it can all be fixed, so no need to go buy new seats or buy a new car for that matter.  Fixing the interior of your car is very affordable and it can make your vehicle feel like new again.  Have leather seats? No problem, we repair those too and if the color is fading, we can take care of that with our dying services as our experts specialize in color matching.

Rim Repair & Refinishing rim repairRim Refinishing

Did you invest a lot of money into getting custom rims?  Well, if you are like most drivers that do, every now and then we get them scuffed up or scratched on those pesky sidewalks and now they don’t look as good as when you just bought them.  Instead of spending thousands to buy brand new rims which will eventually get scratched again, you should think about getting them repaired or refinished which will breathe new life into them.

Paintless Dent Repair And Dent Removal

Those minor scratches from other vehicles, hails storms and errant baseballs can be quite irritating. That is why we offer paintless dent repair and removal, a process that provides a solution for removing these minor scratches.

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bumper repair

Bumper Repair

bumper restoration

Plastic Bumper Repair

Auto Paint & Repair

Whether or not you need body work done on your vehicle, it may just be time for a new paint job, as we all know that this South Florida sun will cause paint to fade quickly when compared to other states.  And maybe you are looking to sell your vehicle and you want to get top dollar for it; a new paint job will do just that.

Head Light Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are starting to turn yellow, then you know all too well it is taking away the aesthetic appeal of your automobile and not only that, but it is reducing your night time visibility and as a driver that can prove to be dangerous both to you and other drivers on the road.  New head lights are expensive, so maybe that is why you have been putting off replacing them, or maybe you have tried a cheaper alternative by buying one of those headlight restoration kits at your local auto parts store.  But what you will find with those headlight restoration kits are, they don’t last long, if they happen to work that is.  Well, we have a solution for you; we offer affordable headlight restoration that actually works and cost a lot less than new head lights.

Vehicle detailing 

If you want to give your car a fresh look, we offer detailing services that are tailored at returning your car to like-new condition. We specialize in repairing torn upholstery, thorough interior cleaning and replacing worn floor mats.

Accident Assistance 

Whenever your car is involved in an accident, you just need to contact us via telephone or send an email to our online representatives. We offer accident assistance services that will have your damaged car towed to a shop near you.

Storm damage repair 

If your car has been damaged by debris, falling trees, hail or sleet, we are here to help you whenever Mother Nature strikes. We provide assistance that is tailored at getting your car repaired. From minor fender benders, hail damage to restoring a car after a hurricane, we have what it takes to make your auto body repair and paint experience as simple as possible.

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